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Get Close-Up Ready Skin

As we age, we begin to notice things we don’t love about our skin: discoloration, larger pores, fine lines. What can we do, beside getting rid of those nagging magnification mirrors?

“Changes in skin tone and pore size are results of the natural aging process and the environment,” says Bennett Schwartz, MD, Virtua dermatologist.

Dr. Schwartz says that healthy skin results from drinking plenty of fluids, not smoking, eating healthy, sleeping enough and avoiding excessive sun exposure.

“Women’s hormonal changes can also have significant effects on skin, especially around menopause” says Dr. Schwartz. And, this new skin may mean a new skin care regimen.

Tara Ammon is an aesthetician with vir tú, Virtua’s spa located in the Health and Wellness Center in Washington Township. She says: “If you were always oily and suddenly you’re dry, the skin care routine you’ve spent a lifetime perfecting doesn’t apply, and the products you loved now don’t work anymore.” She says a consultation with an aesthetician can teach you which products are right for your skin type.

See your dermatologist, who will evaluate your skin appearance and growths. He or she will look for any precancerous or cancerous spots and give you an assessment of your skin condition.


  • Facials 
    Facials can offer instant results, and are noninvasive. And, facials that include aromatherapy and massage are relaxing. “In a facial, we clean the skin, clear the pores, and hydrate the skin in less than an hour,” explains Ammon. “It leaves your skin glowing.”
  • Peels 
    Peels are stronger than facials, and the rejuvenating results can last longer. They remove dead skin, nourish, and promote new cell growth. “We have mild, medium, and deep peels. Options include chemical- free peels, which use botanical acids from fruits like blueberry and pomegranate,” explains Ammon. 
  • Microdermabrasion
    Vir tu’s microdermabrasion applies a suction technique to the surface of the skin. This exfoliating process temporarily improves the appearance of problems like acne scars, fine lines, and sun spots. It leaves skin looking rejuvenated, says Ammon, and “it is a perfect choice before a special occasion.”
  • Other options 
    Deep chemical peels, injectables, and laser resurfacing are options for women who are looking for serious results. But, advises Ammon: “The risks, as well as the home care and healing time, with these treatments are much more significant, so do your research before you come to vir tú

Updated December 29, 2017

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