How to find the acupuncturist that’s right for you

How to Find the Acupuncturist That's Right for You

For those looking to treat chronic conditions like asthma, arthritis, and migraines, acupuncture can provide much-needed relief. But, given the individualized nature of integrative medicine, you have to be selective when picking an acupuncturist.

Here are 6 things to look for when selecting one for yourself.

Licensure: Your acupuncturist will have a state-issued license to prove he or she is the real deal.

Certification: Confirm that your acupuncturist has earned professional certification from an esteemed organization, such as the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This indicates that he or she has completed tests in ethics, safety, theory, and other important subject areas.

Schooling: Some practitioners are medical doctors. Others have graduated from intensive academic programs and have advanced degrees in acupuncture or Eastern medicine.

Experience: Everyone has to start somewhere, but that doesn’t mean you should be someone’s first-day test subject. Instead, look for a clinician who has years of hands-on experience and an abundance of success stories. 

Compatibility: Most devotees prefer 2 to 4 acupuncture sessions a month, so it’s important you feel extremely comfortable with the clinician you choose. Ultimately, you’ll need someone with whom you can speak openly about your medical history, current conditions, and future goals.

Transparency: Your acupuncturist should want to collaborate with your primary care doctor to ensure safe, coordinated care. Open communication eliminates errors and ups the effectiveness of your treatments.

Most of the information you seek should be available online. If not, ask! It’s your right as a patient to know your clinician’s credentials.

Updated November 15, 2017


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