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After Knee Replacement, Ron is Back to Playing with His Grandkids

Above: 69-year-old Ron Grunsby Sr. shooting hoops with granddaughter Kaci three months after knee replacement surgery at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute.

Ron Grunsby Sr. of Maple Shade, NJ, suffered for 10 years with debilitating knee pain that forced him to miss family outings and avoid activities that he loved. After quad-sparing knee replacement surgeries at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute, Ron is doing things that he never dreamed were possible. Just three months after having his second knee replaced, Ron started taking bike rides with his wife and playing softball and basketball with his grandchildren.

Ron shares his experience:

Let me take a few minutes of your time to let you know who I am and what excellent work I had done by Dr. Schoifet and the staff at your fine hospital.

I always had problems with my knees. When I was in the Army, they would swell and become painful. When I played sports they would swell and become painful. About 10 years ago, they really became a problem.  I had a hard time walking because my knees were sore all the time.  I started getting injections and cortisone shots every 6 months. It helped in the beginning but as time went on the shots stopped working. I had a fear of having my knees replaced but they were so bad that I had to do something. I knew a woman who had her knee replaced by Dr. Schoifet, and she felt great, so I decided to call Virtua.

In December 2014, I met with Dr. Schoifet.  He was very nice and eased my fears. He said my knees were in bad condition and he was surprised that I was still walking around. He scheduled my surgeries for January 26, 2015, and April 9, 2015. I received a phone call from my nurse navigator for both surgeries. She was great. I did not have to do anything but show up.

Today, I have no more knee pain. Dr. Schoifet did an outstanding job. I am so grateful to him and all of the staff for helping me feel so much better. You have great people working in the Joint Replacement Institute. They are truly professional all of the time. The nurses were wonderful. There was nothing I needed to ask for. My wife stayed overnight with me and they treated her with respect and dignity. Both were great experiences that I will never forget.

When I returned home, Virtua nurses visited for my follow-up care. They were very helpful and professional at all times. My home physical therapist was outstanding. She got me prepared for my physical therapy appointments in Moorestown.

In closing, I just want to tell you I am so pleased that I selected the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute for my knee replacements. I am so proud to recommend Dr. Schoifet and your hospital. You truly are the best of the best. Thanks again for a great job.

Ron Grunsby Sr.

Updated September 19, 2016


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