ending a mothers nightmare

Personal Story: Ending a Mother's Nightmare

Here’s how it happened for Laura Morris. “I was at a convention, far from home when I learned that Logan, my 4-year-old had a seizure and toppled over. Now, he was at the Virtua Voorhees pediatric emergency department with my husband.”

Despite her fear, Laura knew that Logan was in the best possible hands, since CHOP at Virtua physicians had treated Logan previously. Laura says: “When I arrived, the pediatric team was running tests to uncover the cause of the second seizure.” Logan also benefited from an immediate consultation with a CHOP pediatric neurologist via the telemedicine system at Virtua Voorhees.

Adam Glasofer, MD, coordinator of the CHOP at Virtua telemedicine pilot program, explains: “Logan had a pediatric neurologist examine him on the spot. Seeing a high-level pediatric specialist was invaluable in diagnosing and treating this emergency.”

The telemedicine system is an HDTV audio-video system that allows a specialist at one end and the patient, family and attending physician at the other end to see and speak with each other. And, it allows the specialist to examine the patient with the help of the attending physician.

Laura says: “It was comforting. The neurologist examined Logan. We spoke with her as if she were in the room.”

The crisis ended: Logan was put on new medication, and the patient and family are doing just fine.

Updated August 22, 2018