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Personal Story: Surprising Effects of Spine Surgery

The how and why this all began are still a mystery. But, rather quickly Tranise White of Camden, NJ, found herself in Virtua Voorhees emergency room. After two weeks of moderate back pain, followed by two weeks of excruciating pain, Tranise went to the ER. Then, she went to Joseph Lee, MD, a spine surgeon at Virtua Spine and Brain Institute. With x-rays and an evaluation, the diagnosis was a fractured and separated tailbone. 

With surgery scheduled for two weeks later, Tranise felt both thankful and nervous. Thankful that the process was effortless on her part. “I didn’t have to do anything. The nurse set up the MRIs and the testing. All I had to do was walk in.” 

On the other hand, she was worried about the procedure and concerned she’d be out of work for too long. She shared her concerns with Dr. Lee. He was clear about what would happen and answered all of her questions, helping to alleviate her fears. “Dr. Lee answered my questions before I even had a chance to ask them,” said Tranise of her pre-op appointment with Dr. Lee.

He told her that she would walk the day after surgery. She thought that would be impossible, but that’s exactly what happened. Everything that he told her would happen, happened. 

Then, even more happened.

Very quickly Tranise lost 48 pounds, just from walking and a change in her diet. “It was like my body was trying to heal itself completely, and from there, my whole life started to just fall into place,” said Tranise. She looked back and realized that it was probably her broken back that had stopped her from being healthy for a long time. 

In addition to the physical healing, intellectually she was opened up to a whole new subject – her body. And, she wanted to know more. She started educating herself about her own wellness and it opened her up to new possibilities. 

“The new way they do surgery and how quickly it happens and heals, your mind opens up and everything seems possible.”

Before the surgery, Tranise, a mother of five, was severely overweight and had diabetes. Now, she walks 5Ks, and goes to the gym regularly to run and lift weights. She’s no longer diabetic and encourages everyone not to ignore their bodies, not to ignore the aches and pains. 

They could be stopping you from doing something amazing.

Updated July 2, 2018

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