Gameday Snacks

5 Delicious (and Surprisingly Healthy) Gameday Snacks

Football and food. Food and football. One without the other just seems wrong and a little offensive. And sure, you eat food without football – but can’t we all agree it tastes way better when the game is on? We rest our case.

The problem is: most of those mouthwatering, finger-licking, Sunday snacks and apps tend to skew towards the unhealthier side. Wings. Pizza. Nachos. Chips. Dip. So much yum, but even more calories. Ugh.

Surely we could do better, right? There must be a way to hang with your crew, enjoy the big game, and binge some tasty eats without feeling like a bloated mess come Monday morning? The answer is yes, and we got you covered.

Here are a few of our favorite gameday snacks that are healthy, delicious, and easy to make for your super Sunday get-together. Enjoy!

Updated February 4, 2022

Air Fryer Buffalo Wings-th.jpg

Healthy Gameday Snacks: Air Fryer Buffalo Wings

This popular appetizer is perfect during the game or whenever the mood strikes. Enjoy these crispy wings without the grease, oil, and extra calories of typical wing recipes.

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Buffalo Chicken Dip-th.jpg

Healthy Gameday Snacks: Buffalo Chicken Dip

This crowd-pleasing buffalo chicken dip has simple substitutions to lighten it up. Enjoy the flavor, without the guilt, the next time you gather a group to watch the game!

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Healthier Guacamole-th.jpg

Healthy Gameday Snacks: Healthier Guacamole

Try this healthier, lower-calorie version of guacamole. It packs a nutritional punch by including a secret, health-boosting ingredient that doesn't sacrifice the flavor!

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Sheet Pan Nachos-th.jpg

Healthy Gameday Snacks: Sheet Pan Nachos

Nachos top the list of favorite game-day snacks, but the calories from all that goodness quickly add up. Try this version made with leaner meat for full flavor, and far less fat.

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Healthier Homemade Pizza-th.jpg

Healthy Gameday Snacks: Healthier Homemade Pizza

If you're trying to stay healthy but craving a slice of pizza, you can't go wrong with this homemade version. Topped with lots of veggies, it's perfect for the game and minus the guilt!

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