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The 5 Best Biking Trails in South Jersey

The sun is shining a little bit longer. The air is feeling a little bit warmer. The flowers are blooming (and our allergies can attest to that!). Ahhh, can you feel it South Jersey? Spring is upon us! It’s time to ditch the heavy coats and head outdoors, and what better way to do that than a weekend bike ride?

Did you know that South Jersey is home to some AMAZING biking trails that are begging to be explored? Compliments of Visit South Jersey, check out some of our favorite spots perfect for cyclists of all skill levels.

  1. Black Run Reserve | Burlington County
    Over 1300 acres to bike, run, fish, birdwatch, walk the dog, and so much more.

  2. Kresson Trails | Camden County
    With over 3 miles of trails and 7 different paths to choose from, this spot is perfect for all skill levels.

  3. Ceres Park | Gloucester County
    Featuring extensive trails through picturesque wetland forests — Ceres Park offers a breathtaking experience.

  4. Elephant Swamp Trial | Salem County
    Outside of having the best name ever — Elephant Swamp Trail delivers a historic yet delightful riding adventure.

  5. Penn Branch Trail | Atlantic County
    Designed for mountain biking — this 18-mile trail will put your cycling skills to the test.

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Updated April 27, 2022

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